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blogging music from the '70's

skip this site if you've never heard of K-TEL, or  don't know who Marc Bolan is. or Spooky Tooth, or Hawkwiind, or any other good music from the 70's

nothing here for you :)

squarespace 7 web tools suck

yup,  it's confirmed, writing a lengthy blog with squarespace 7 "web tools" sucks dead bunnies. loud.

why is nobody screaming about this?

It's actually easier to write it in MarsEdit and then cut and paste into the "Bookmarklet"

sad to say  it's not likely i'll be renewing my squarespace account.  they jumped the shark with the mobile centric  crap. gotta figure out how to get my domain back :/

first album

like most kids in the 70's my first album was a K-TEL album. basically edited versions of AM songs lasting about 3 or 4 minutes. you'd get 5 songs on each side (yes we're talking vinyl if you're a young person reading this :)

it was a great way to get all the hits you heard on one album. seemed like K-TEL cranked one of these out every month or so.

In Canada the track listing tended to be better than the one's released in the U.S. I"m pretty sure that nobody in the states ever heard of Tinker's Moon.

I Shot The Sheriff - Eric Clapton

- this was the very first clapton i heard, i prefer the original reggae version

Shang-A-Lang - Tinker's Moon

- this never appeared on any album but was a big hit in Canada, Bay City Rollers did a version of this.

Piano Man - Billy Joel

- only Billy Joel song i can listen to

The Need To Be - Jim Weatherly

- i AWAYS skipped over this one.

The Night Chicago Died - Paper Lace

- i misheard the lyrics to this one but i was ok with that :)

Sugar Baby Love - The Rubettes

The Air That I Breathe - The Hollies

- feel like i'm out of breath every time i hear this song

Wild Thing - Fancy

Please Come To Boston - Dave Loggins

- this one is the shorter version of the song. seems less whiney then the full version

Crazy Talk - Chilliwack

Satuday Night's Alright For Fighting - Elton John

TSOP (The Sound Of Philadelphia) - MFSB featuring the Three Degrees

- i usually skipped over this one too

So You Are A Star - The Hudson Brothers

- no thanks i'm trying to cut back. in joke you had to watch the show 

Let's Put It All Together - The Stylistics

Steppin' Out (Gonna Boogie Tonight) - Tony Orlando & Dawn

I Feel A Song (In My Heart)Gladys Knight & The Pips211

One Hell Of A Woman - Mac Davis

Star - Stealers Wheel

- my first intro to Gerry Rafferty and it turns out he didn't do the vocals

Rings - Lobo

- another first for me

Ramona - Stampeders

- probably the heaviest song on the album. had a chance to see them live a few years ago and they did a great version of this song. 


I've probably heard this album a thousand times (if not more) I made a special point of converting this to one long mp3.

there's something to be said for taking a vinyl album and making it into an mp3 directly. you still get the vinyl "feel" but in a more convenient format.


vented spleen

i don't know if it's because i'm older and i've mellowed out, but i haven't vented about internet stupidity in a long time. stupidity won. people on the internet seem to be more stoopid [sic] then when i started so it's a losing battle.

the place is also clogged with tech blogs. I had a longish post about programming languages and some of the new ones i was trying out, but it's almost a month later and i haven't posted it. it's in a draft. maybe later. 

in writing classes they tell you to "write what you know",  so i'm going to start blogging about '70's music. I might dip as early as '67, and any 70's band that made it  into the '80's or later.

this is not original, there's at last one other guy doing it. you can find his link on Jethro Tull youtube videos 'cause he has a tendency to spam the crap out of them. read a few of his entries, and i think he's missing the mark on some of them. figured i might be able to cater to people who really like '70's music.

not gonna post a bunch of links either. they get stale pretty quick, i've read  blogs with dead links, pita. my older posts  have them also, so i'll be really reluctant to use links.

I have a TON of blog entries in mind, so if you grew up in the '70's listening to the music of the time, you might find this interesting :)





testing from email.

if this works that means desktop blogging from OS X requires an email client. squarespace 7 site blogging is way to cumbersome.

it also means that desktop blogging form OS X sucks dead bunnies. loud.

--  tony summerfelt Sent with Airmail

Squarespace 7 != Marsedit

I'm a little late to the game with this. I upgraded to Squarespace 7 so I could use their mobile blogging app... and in the process it pooched Marsedit.

I spent a few hours with the new design tools, and I admit they're better than they were, but it's still cumbersome to enter a blog via the site tools.

This is one of the problems i have with everything being mobile centric. Desktop/laptop  users are getting screwed in the process.

Really guys? @squarespace there's NOTHING you can do?


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