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someone is always doing something stupid on the internet. sometiems they are a CEO of a company, or a 12 year old hacker wannabe.

if i run into the site i'm gonna blog about it


testing from email.

if this works that means desktop blogging from OS X requires an email client. squarespace 7 site blogging is way to cumbersome.

it also means that desktop blogging form OS X sucks dead bunnies. loud.

--  tony summerfelt Sent with Airmail

Squarespace 7 != Marsedit

I'm a little late to the game with this. I upgraded to Squarespace 7 so I could use their mobile blogging app... and in the process it pooched Marsedit.

I spent a few hours with the new design tools, and I admit they're better than they were, but it's still cumbersome to enter a blog via the site tools.

This is one of the problems i have with everything being mobile centric. Desktop/laptop  users are getting screwed in the process.

Really guys? @squarespace there's NOTHING you can do?


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