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Picked up one of these two weeks ago. My fourth tablet. My third Android device. My second full-size tablet (10.1"). I haven't turned on my iPad since then.

Main reason?

Gettin' a little tired of the iPad limitations.


squarespace slip

clicked on "send to blog" on that last post and got a squarespace error. turns out there was an error and the workaround is here



Rediscovered my blog on blogspot. I used to duplicate between my ISP personal home page, bloodspot and window's spaces. spaces is now defunct (they want you to create a wordpress blog now… uh, no thanks.


it has blogs back to 2005, although the archive link has them going back to day one.


Linuxfest and things a Mac can't do

Yesterday I got back from the west coast. it was a whirlwind week of work, a convention, and tourism. taking today off just to catch up.

I had really productive non-stressful  days of work at the head office,  two days of great  sessions and swag at Linuxfest Northwest in Bellingham WA, and managed to get some tourism shopping during my "downtime".

So much stuff I want to read/do that I'm following a colleague's example and giving WoW  a break for a bit. I really enjoy WoW, but it was seriously cutting into my reading time on the weekends.

So today as part of my reading strategy I wanted to convert a largish local batch of html files to a pdf file that i could fire up to my dropbox account for reading on the run.

I looked for the free OSX application that "just worked". It didn't. Ok, doesn't need to be free, so I started looking for shareware software that would "just work". They didn't work either. Sure you can convert manually one html page at a time with a browser on a Mac, but that's impractical for anything over 3 html files. Yet I saw some suggestions saying that's exactly what I had to do.

So then I took a look at a program wanted $3k for their "html to pdf" converter. I just giggled when it didn't work either.

Really guys, is it that hard to write an html to pdf converter that actually properly follows links (and creates a pdf where the links actually go to other pages on the pdf)? It must be 'cause as I type this, this can't be done on the Mac.

I found a few  command lines utils that, if i wanted to do it the DOS way circa 1987 instead of the 3 clicks on OSX and it's done the way of 2013 I could have probably gotten them to work, but I set a slightly higher bar for applications on the Mac. My bad.

I would even settle for an app that grabbed all the html files/links and made one big html file, I could work with that..

and to add more salt to the wound, I was absolutely tripping over links that let you do it in windows.



wifi setups

so how's this for a braindead wifi setup: before you can use a 5th generation ipod you need to configure the wifi. if you lock your router down via MAC address then you hit a brick wall. you can't get any further with your setup AND you can't get on the wifi.

the only way around is to check your router logs and look for the MAC address getting denied.

so that's an Apple product that doesn't work out of the box.